Latvian Human Rights Quarterly #3/4

Human Rights Debate in Latvia 1995-1997



Part A

The European Convention on human rights comes into force in Latvia in 27 June 1997
Human rights must be strengthened at the constitutional level
Everybody is entitled to seek asylum
The Latvian state and asylum seekers
Inactivity will not solve the refugee problem
Citizenship, human rights and a model of the Latvian society
Principle of double standards when entering Europe
A gap in the government declaration
The state needs loyal citizens
The State Human Rights Office in Latvia still has a lot to do
Human rights should be considered
Human rights in Latvia in 1996
"Non-citizenship", "Statelessness" or "Total Confusion"?

Part B

Law on citizenship
Amendments to the Law on citizenship
Law on the status of former USSR citizens who are not citizens of Latvia or any other state
Law on the Residents' register
Law on the entry and residence of foreign citizens and stateless
Persons in the Republic of Latvia

Part C
Court practise

Je´ena Bajanova and Sergejs Bajanovs v. The Citizenship and Immigration Department
Kazarovecs v. Iecava High School

Part D

Human rights course "International and national mechanisms for implementing human rights"
Public lecture "Implementation of human rights in Latvia in the European contex: successes, problems, solutions"
Public lecture "International organizations and discomfort"
Innovation in legal education "Street law"