Latvian Human Rights Quarterly #2

Administrative Procedure and Human Rights


Part A

. The current problems of Latvian Administrative Procedure

D.Grinberga & O.Galanders.
Vehicle tow-away beyond administrative procedure and human rights

1. Administrative Law and Human Rights in the Post Communist Society
2. Vehicle Tow-Away in Riga as Subject of Administrative Law
3. Vehicle Tow-Away as Illegal Action under Human Rights Law
4. The Division of Authority between State and Municipal Institutions in Implementing Administrative Law
5. The Latvian Society in Transition to a Rule of Law

Protection of legitimate trust - one of the principles of administrative procedure

1. The Impact of General Principles of Law on National Legislation Regulating State Administration
2. Principles of Administrative Procedure
3. The Principle of Protection of Legitimate Trust
4. Administrative Acts Revoked in Accordance with Principle of Protection of Legitimate Trust

Part B

Declaration of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSO on the renewal of the independence of the Republic of Latvia.
Declaration on the accession of the Republic of Latvia to international instruments relating to human rights

Part C
Case law

V.G. v. Latvia

Part D

Basic human rights course
Public lecture "Current refugee law problems in Latvia from the perspective of the Baltic - Nordic cooperation"
Book review
Human Rights: Collection of Legislative Acts and Informative Material