Latvian Human Rights Quarterly #1

Human Rights in Latvian Legal Theory


Part A

Group accommodation and human rights in "new" or restored states

1. Glimpses of a Historical Process
2. Citizens Versus Non-citizens: What Difference in Rights?
3. Human Rights and Citizenship

Article 21 of the UDHR in the context of the emerging democracies in the Baltic states

1. Introduction
2. Article 21, Democracy and Self-Determination
3. General Comments on the Case of the Baltic States
3.1. Historical Factors
3.2. State Continuity and Citizenship
4. The Practice of the Baltic States with Respect to the UDHR
5. Political Rights and Freedoms in the Baltic States
5.1. The Main Principles of the Functioning of Political Regimes in the Baltic States
5.2. The Scope of the Application of the Political Rights and Freedoms
6. Concluding Remarks

The impact of values of communitarianism and individualism upon the formation of a political nation in Latvia

1. Values of Communitarianism and Individualism in Society
1.1. Communitarianism
1.2. Individualism (Liberalism)
2. Historical Perspective on Political Nation in Latvia
2.1. Ethnopolitical Development up to the Year 1940
2.2. Ethnopolicy and Community Values in the Soviet Period
3. Restoration of the State of Latvia and Perspectives of Political Nation in the Present Situation
3.1. National State
3.2. Democracy and Liberalism

Interpretation of legal norms and the notions of "Democracy" in Article 1 of Satversme (The Constitution)

1. Interpretation of Legal Norms
1.1. Interpretation of Legal Norms in Different Law Families
1.2. Interpretation Methodology of Legal Norms in the Western Law Family
1.3. The Teleological Method of Interpretation - Interface Between Law and Politics
1.4. Interpretation Methodology of Legal Norms in Socialist Law Family
1.5. Problems of Interpretation of Legal Norms in Mixed Post-socialist Law Families
2. Interpretation of the Latvian Constitution Under Conditions of Transformation of the Legal System
3. Giving Substance to the Notion of "Democracy" as Stated in Article 1 of the Constitution
4. Article 1 of the Constitution and Human Rights (Fundamental Rights)

Part B

Constitution of the Republic of Latvia (Satversme)
Constitutional law "The rights and obligations of a citizen and a person"

Part D

Results of the Advisory board meeting
The conference on implementation of human rights norms in judicial procedure
Book reviews
Schabas, William A. The Abolition of the Death Penalty in International Law
Leuterpacht, Elihu. Aspects of the Administration of International Justice
Bloom, William. Personal Identity, National Identity and International Relations