Latvian Human Rights Quarterly

  Human Rights Institute has been publishing the Latvian Human Rights Quarterly from 1995 to 2002. The Quarterly was the only legal periodical in Latvia and one of few periodicals on human rights in the Baltic States. The Journal was a publication with a professional orientation. The publication wa aimed at law students, researchers, academicians, practicing lawyers and anyone specializing in human rights. Since 1997 the Journal was published in English also.

  The Quarterly discussed human rights problems in Latvia and examined problems and solutions from international human rights institutions and other countries more experienced in the field. The Journal also aimed to acquaint students, academics and lawyers with domestic and international documents on human rights.

  The editorial board of the Journal consisted of prominent academics and lawyers in the field of human rights. Contributors to the Journal were recognized human rights experts both from Latvia and abroad, particularly from the Nordic countries. The Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly was Mr. Oskars Galanders and in latest phase - Ms. Gita Feldhune.

  The Quarterly was divided into four blocks in order to make it more convenient for the reader. Part A "Articles" contained articles written by human rights experts on important human rights issues in Latvia and abroad. Part B "Documents" contained relevant human rights documents. Part C "Court Practice" reviewed recent judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and also those of national courts which touch upon human rights issues. Part D "Information" provided information on human rights events (conferences, public lectures, seminars, human rights courses). The section also contained book reviews. The Latvian language Quarterly contained a summary in English and Russian while the Quarterly in English contained summaries in French, German and Russian.

  The Quarterly played a significant role in educating Latvian society and particularly lawyers about human rights in times human rights just started emerging in Latvia. The Latvian Human Rights Quarterly was a highly professional and practical publication and aspiree to provide information on human rights issues in order to assist in the development of democracy in Latvia. Although there were no support form government, we hope we attained our goals in shaping proper understanding of human rights in Latvia.

  The Latvian Human Rights Quarterly was distributed by different organizations. Subscribers in Latvia were the Saeima (Parliament), the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court, various foreign embassies. Foreign subscribers included Amnesty International, UN High Commissioner on Refugees, Council of Europe, several universities and human rights institutions in Europe and Latvian embassies.

  The Latvian Human Rights Quarterly are truly thankful to Swedish Helsinki Committee for financial support during several years.

Human Rights is now flourishing in Latvia, so no more need for Journals' guiding and educating power in this great country of success story.

Editorial Office of the Latvian Human Rights Quarterly