Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Dr. Gudmundur Alfredsson - Professor of the Lund University (Sweden), Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (University of Lund, Sweden);

Dr. Arie Bloed
- Executive Director of the Constitutional & Legislative Policy Institute (Hungary);

Dr. Asbjorn Eide
- Professor of the Oslo University, Director of the Norwegian Institute for Human Rights (Norway);

Dr. Martin Scheinin
- Professor of the Abo Academi University, Director of the Institute for Human Rights of the Abo Academy University (Finland), Member of the UN Human Rights Committee;

Dr. Ineta Ziemele
- Professor of the Lund University (Sweden) and Riga Graduate School of Law (Latvia);

Mr. Egils Levits
- Judge of the European Court of Human Rights;

Mr. Morten Kjaerum
- Director of the Danish Center for Human Rights (Denmark).