Declaration about the Condemnation and Unallowability
of Genocide and Anti-Semitism in Latvia

The Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia condemns any attempts to destabilize the political situation in the republic in the sphere of inter-ethnic relations. The Supreme Council views that correct and stable inter-ethnic relations can be formed only by honestly evaluating the historical events to the past. Since 1940, when the Republic of Latvia was liquidated, a wave of genocide swept over the republic. Its victims were representatives of all the nationalities living in the republic, but especially the Jewish people.

In the name of the people of Latvia, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia proclaims that it without reservation condemns the genocide against the Jewish people realized during Hitler's occupation of Latvia, which resulted in the deaths of more than 80,000 Jews from Latvia and no less than 200,000 Jews from other European states, including women and children.

With deep regret, we must acknowledge that Latvia's citizens were also among those who helped to realize this occupant-inspired terror. The body genocide against the Jewish people is not and can never be justified nor can its punishment be exempted as a crime against humanity.

The Republic of Latvia undertakes the responsibility to immortalize the memory of the Jewish victims of this genocide, as well as the immortalization of those Latvia's citizens who attempted to save and did save the lives of the unfortunate victims of fascism, by risking their own lives.

The people of Latvia follow with satisfaction the rebirth of the Jewish people in their historic homeland and congratulate this state's achievements in culture, economic life and science We express the hope that our former residents in Israel retain many-faceted contacts with Latvia.

The Jewish people are one of the oldest of Latvia's traditional minorities. During the course of several centuries they have invested in Latvia's economy and have enriched its culture, science and medicine. The Jewish minority is unmistakably recognized as a full-pledged component of the peoples in the Republic of Latvia.

The Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia invites the institutions of all states, local governments, social organizations and citizens to create favorable conditions for Latvia's Jewish community, as well as for all national minorities in the Republic of Latvia, for the renewal and development of their national cultural, education, science and religious institutions, and for the realization of their cultural/ethnic autonomy.

The Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia declares that the state of Latvia will not tolerate any sign of anti-Semitism and nationality discrimination in Latvia as being incompatible with our people's traditions.

Chairman, Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia

Secretary, Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia

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